Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final Route Prep's and Itinerary

Hello, Yesterday, Mon Dec 13th ., I packed and FedEx"d my bike and some gear to Florida. I will be flying down on Fri Dec24th, family will fly ahead, we will have a Christmas Holiday in Sarasota From Dec 24 -Dec27.On Tuesday Dec 28 I will leave Ft Myers Beach on the Key West Ferry,arriving in Key West mid day. I will explore Key West and by evening ride into the Keys for my first overnight stay at a Warm Showers Host on Big Pine Key ( the only place on the planet where the '''key deer ''live ( Look it up !). Wed Dec 29th I will ride 97 miles to Florida City and stay at the http://www.evergladeshostel.com/ which is at the entrance to the Everglades National Park.It was highly recommended to me by a local cyclist in Miami that I take a side trip and spend a day riding in the park, I believe I will do that on Thurs Dec 30,( watch out for them Gators!) and then spend another night at the Hostel in Fl.City. Then on Fri morning Dec 31st.. I will ride 83 miles to stay with Scot Stoski (W.S.) and his family in Boca Raton, north of Ft Lauderdale. On New Years Day Jan 1st.... I will ride 135 miles to Melbourne ,Fl and over night with a W.S. Host .Jan 2nd -(101 miles) overnight in Ormond Beach (W.S.) Jan 3rd, (107 miles) Overnight in Fernandina Beach (Amelia Isle) North of Jacksonville, W.S.,Then follow the A.C. Route 360 miles to Summersville S.C. W.S. host on Jan 7th. this will mean four (90 mile days) thru Ga to Summersville . Only one W.S.Host on this portion in Vidalia, Ga. (He is 30 miles off route) so I will have 3 nights to ''discover lodging at the end of the day. Leaving Summersville S.C. on the morning of Jan 8th I am faced with a 220 mile run to the next W.S. Host in Wilmington,N.C. (so 2 or 3 days) To Wilmington (if 2 days, I would leave Wilmington on the morning of Jan 10) faced with 2 days 180 miles ) to W.S. Host in Roper N.C.) Overnight in Roper the night of Jan 11. Jan 12 ride 73 miles to W.S. in Franklin,Va. Jan 13 Ride 90 to Ashland ,Va. (North of Richmond, where I jump off of Adventure Cycling's Atlantic Coast Bicycle Route ) and on the morning of Jan 14 th Head to Steve Bailie's (W.S.) Home in Capon Bridge, W.V. 160 mile run, so arrive at Steve's in 2 days on the evening of 15th. From Capon Bridge head N-W and connect to the C&O Towpath Rail Trail @ Bill's in Little Orleans/ Paw Paw Tunnel area , Ride the C&O to Cumberland ,Md, and connect to the G.A.P. Rail Trail and ride North towards Pittsburg, getting off the Rail Trail North of West Newton Pa in Sutterville Pa onto Douglas Run Road/ Cross the Mon River in West Elizabeth, Pa past McMurry to McDonald, then enter the Panhandle Rail Trail to Home !! (Note****** roads will be substituted for rail trail if snow depths restrict travel on rail trails) also from last W.S.home stay to home is 360 miles , SO 4 days @ 90 miles. Putting me on my little Ohio County Gravel Road to my place on The night of Tuesday Jan 18th. (allowing me 6 days slack time , must be home by Mon Jan 24th )
The total mileage is 1901 . Total estimated days 22.

As you can see I have developed a bit of a plan, ( It is a plan which contains, both certainty and uncertainty, both long mileage days and moderate days, and about a weeks worth of ''extra'' days. (if needed ) I have been working on this itinerary for a month or better and today I am closing that chapter, and will carry with me this schedule, and adapt to ( as they say....Conditions on the Ground !!!! ) allowing myself the option of altering things as dictated, by The Road, The Weather, & How well my body and mind serve me each day. So. bike shipped, route planning done, and both Panniers and Ortlieb Bag packed and ready to go. 3 tasks ''put to rest''. Now tie up loose ends with the Free Wheelchair Mission, and things at home and wait to board plane just before Christmas.

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